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  Link   Magic Seaweed
Magic Seaweed. Surfers site for swell predictions, wind etc etc.
  Link   Windfinder
Excellent site for worldwide wind. Has excellent statistics for wind history for the location giving average wind speeds for each month. Good for planning that holiday!
  Link   Lake District Weatherline - Based on Helvellyn range
This page gives the weather report for the Helvellyn range including the freezing level. It's the ideal website for checking out the snowkiting situation. There is a also an archive of images.
  Link   Weather Underground
This website has a list of all the weather stations provided by local weather enthusiasts around the UK and the world. It also includes Met office and other stations. This is a reall excellent site as it has a database of all the history and forecast
  Link   (WAP ONLY) St Bees wind live on mobile phone
Live wind @ St Bees on your mobile. Paste the link into the emulator site (will follow) to preview on PC. xcw1.com/i007.wml
  Link   (WAP ONLY) Tide times on your mobile
Tide times at UK for mobile phones. Enter the website below for all of the UK http://www.pol.ac.uk/wap/ Tide times for workington specifically. http://www.pol.ac.uk/cgi-bin/waptde?port=0217
  Link   WAP emulator (to preview WAP links with)
Check WAP links at this site
  Link   Windguru
Wind and weather forecasts for many locations worldwide.
  Link   Accuweather
Does what it says on the tin! Just put in your post code and it gives you a general or hour by hour break down of wind etc.
  Link   St Bees Head Weather Station
The lastest observations from the Metoffice weather station on the top of St Bees head.
  Link   EasyTide
Tide predictions for next 7 days
  Link   GB Wind Map
Gives current (and now 7 day forecast) wind strength and direction for stations including St Bees. Also weather.