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Written by Ian Gilmore   
Saturday, 05 May 2007

Minutes of Initial General Meeting -

 West Cumbria Power Kite Club

Held at Ship Hotel, Allonby 30 April 2007


Peter Stewart, Andrew Richardson, Neil Riley, Robert Conners, Nick Smith, Phil Marshall, Will Marshall, Frazer Dooley, Stephen Gurney, Ian Cooper, Diana Cooper, Chris Davidson, Stuart Wood, Nick Elliott, Ade Fisher, Chris Evans, Patrick Holmes, Kirk Howie, Ian Gilmore


Henry Taylor, Dave Hunter, John Kellet, Iain Bewsher, Niall Patterson, Ade Ingram, John Flinn, Richard Cox



1.             Ian Gilmore took the chair initially and introduced the proposed Constitution which had been posted on the website.  It was noted that it contained no overall equality statement but agreed that this may be proposed as an amendment at the AGM in November. 

2.             Amendments were then proposed in relation to the club name, and following discussion it was agreed that the all references to Allonby Power Kite Club should be changed to West Cumbria Power Kite Club.  Following this the Constitution was agreed and adopted.

3.             After this the following club documentation was agreed and adopted:

  • Club rules (incorporating Safety Guidelines and Code of Conduct) - it was noted that the guidelines and code were essentially advisory.)
  • Risk Assessment - although it was noted that additional content is needed for kitesurfing, and this will be posted on the website for people to view and suggest any changes. We will also need site risk assessments.
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Child Protection Policy
  • First Aid Policy.

4.             To join the club, members will need to be current members of BPKA (or of the former British Buggy Club) and to return a signed membership form.  As most people have already completed much of this information, Ian Gilmore will try to send out pre-populated membership forms.  For those who have not already filled in the original form a blank membership form will be placed on the website.

5.             The following officers were appointed:

Þ    Chairperson:                                Ian Gilmore

Þ    Secretary:                                    Robert Conners

Þ    Treasurer:                                    Chris Davidson

Þ    Club Trainers:

            (Kitesurf)                                 Frazer Dooley & Stuart Wood

(Kiteboard)                                          Andrew Richardson

(Buggy & Powerkite)                           Ian Gilmore

Þ    Press Officer:                               Ian Cooper

Þ    Web Manager:                              Nick Elliott

Þ    First Aid Adminstrator:                  Andrew Richardson

Þ    Child Protection Officer:                Kirk Howie

Þ    Safety Officer:                              Dave Hunter

Þ    Honorary Member:                        Stuart Wood


6.             It was noted that BPKA do not object to a modest club subscription provided it is non-profit-making, and then agreed that for this year the subscription will be £5, with £2.50 for under-18s and £10 family membership.

7.             Members' Discounts - Patrick Holmes said that UK Airsports will offer a discount on equipment - including ranges they need to order in.  Frazer Dooley confirmed Euphoria will offer 10% off equipment and 20% off lessons.  Cotswold have confirmed they will offer 15% off all non-sale/special offer items, including Flexifoil - members will need the account number for this, A2162.  

8.             Kirk Howie offered to produce membership cards; Diana Cooper agreed to design a club logo.

9.             The possibility of affiliating to SASRA (Sellafield Sports & Recreation Assn) was raised; this would entail all members joining SASRA at £13 pa, but may also open up significant funding opportunities.  It was agreed that Nick Smith would explore this and the committee would then consider it further - a final decision may be made at the AGM in November.

10.        It was suggested that profile raising and good publicity could be gained by charitable type activities - a crossing to Scotland (kitesurfers only), beach clean etc.  This will be looked at by the committee.

11.        The beach barbeque/flying day at Allonby was confirmed for Sunday 10 June in the afternoon, although whether this is officially a club event will depend on how long affiliation takes.

12.        A vote of thanks was passed to Nick Elliott for his sterling work with the website so far and to Ian Gilmore for drafting the documentation.

13.        The meeting closed at 8.45 pm.



1 May 2007

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