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Written by Nick Elliott   
Sunday, 18 October 2009
Cabarete - Dominican Republic

Cabarete is a caribbean island that gets trade winds pretty much all year round.  Its one of the rounds of the PKRA world tour and for good reason.  The mixture of waves and flat water is reknowned and it gets a fair few visitors all year round.  There is so much more to do on the island also.  Jurassic park was filmed here and the countryside is pretty spectacular.

There are two main beaches Cabarete Kite Beach and Bozo Beach at the west end of Cabarete Bay.  Check out the map here.

It should be noted that these areas get quite choppy, the water is deep and pretty busy.  There are much better places to learn than Cabarete.  The locals are also mental - the riding level is pretty high - and they are all trying the latest tricks close into shore.  Its fairly common to see kites disappearing into the hotels!!
Further down the coast there is a flat water area that you can ride back to Cabarete from.

There is also a wakeboarding spot on the Yasica river that is certainly worth a visit.


Cabwake is run by ex UK champion Adam Trotman who is a top instructor and top class rider.  Nothing better that pure glass with jungle either side.

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