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Land Kiting

Power kiting & Power kites

Power kiting is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. If you're interested in easy recreational flying fun or some serious adrenaline highs, you can use your kite for activities like skidding, body surfing and getting air. You can pick up the controlling a kite in no time at all and recreational kiting is the ideal way to get into buggying, kite landboarding and kitesurfing.

Kiting can be a dangerous activity, so it is a good idea to get some basic advice and tuition to set you off. Within in the club there are qualified instructors who cover all areas of the sport. Ian (solway buggier) is a qualified powerkite and buggy instructor. Chris (kitegnome) is a qualified powerkite and landboard instructor. Both can be contacted via the forum and can offer informal advice to people wanting to start kiting.  Anyone getting into the sport should also take out a specialist public liability insurance policy - which can be purchased from £15 pa.

You can buy kites from a variety of Power kite manufacturers such as Flexifoil, Ozone, Peter Lynn, Flysurfer, HQ, Libre, PKD and many more.....

But remember to try to before you buy! A new kite for recreational flying is likely to cost anything from around £50 upwards depending on size/make etc, and used ones are usually a good way of streching the budget! There are lots of people on the forum who have a variety of kites so you can always get some advice or ask to try out their kit!

The big, smooth beaches around Cumbria make ideal locations for kiting, and there are a few inshore locations that can be made use of. Have a look at our 'where to ride' section to discover more, and please add more locations that you know well- we promise not to let anyone else know!

Kite Landboard

Once you are happy with recreational flying, boarding is a great way to progress in kiting. Like a big skateboard, landboards allow you to heel and toe for ground direction, combining this with a Power kite gives a whole new set of possibilities! It can be a good stepping-stone if you want to progress to kite surfing down the line.

It is best to use a four line powerkite to get you started; from there you chose what direction you want to go in. You can continue to cruise the beach or begin to use some of the more advanced de-powerable kites that are available.

Kite landboard Manufacturers include MBS, Scrub, Best, Flexifoil, Kheo and many more. You can pick up a brand new basic board for around the £100 mark, but it is more likely that you will want to spend £200 plus on a higher end board, or pick up something 2nd hand.

Kite Buggying


Buggying was the original form of power kiting and really started in the early 1990s - you sit in a low-slung buggy with 3 wheels, 2 at the back and a front one for steering.  As with landboards you really need to be able to fly the kite comfortably first, before you start buggying.  Speeds over 50mph have been achieved, and even a more realistic 30mph can feel very fast sitting only inches off the ground.
More advanced buggiers may opt to get involved in the racing scene, or in freestyle buggying (tricks including jumping in the buggy.)  Or, like many of us, you may be happy just cruising up and down.
Kites are broadly as for landboarding - ie you can use 4 line foils or opt for depower - although some of the more advanced "race" kites are designed specifically for buggy racing. Buggies cost more than landboards - think from £300 for a new buggy, although 2nd hand are available - and there are fewer designs widely available.  The most common (and probably best bet for a beginner) is by Flexifoil, although other producers include Peter Lynn and Libre.  

Kite Safety Equipment

Next to tuition, kite safety must never been compromised, ensure you wear the right type of kite safety equipment for the kitesport you are doing.

Helmets, Knee Pads, Elbow Pads and Body Armour are all useful. Don't forget to protect your eyes! Even in winter the sun can cause damage to your vision! Also remember that it is not just the kiter that is at risk, other beach users could be hurt by you and your equipment. So please be aware of what you are doing whilst kiting!